Deb is currently offering the following presentations:



  • Insightful: Empowered Living for the Modern Muse      

  • Ignite CALM: Bliss at Work

  • Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart

  • Stepping into the Light: Publishing & Platform Building for Aspiring Writers

  • The Grace of Special Needs Parenting

  • The HeartGlow Way

Deb has contributed to many fantastic events including:

  • The Sun Valley Wellness Festival
  • The Natural Living Expo
  • ACEP Energy Psychology Conference (Toronto)
  • Transform
  • The Enlightment Expo
  • Through the Veil                   ...and many more

"I loved, loved, LOVED how you brought your vibrant personality along with a wealth of important information.

Thank you!!!”

- Kathy, A Workshop Client

Deb's Workshop Clients are saying...

"Thank you so very much! A very informative and enjoyable experience. You've gotten me excited to jump back into my dream!" ~Starla 

"No dull moments in this class...Debra Snyder is an informative and entertaining presenter."  ~Kim Nixon, LMT Hidden Haven Holistic Services 

"I felt that your presentation was exactly what I expected, wanted & hoped for. I appreciate the honesty with which you presented the educational information.

 It was pertinent, interesting, helpful and was presented in a down-to-earth & funny way. Thank you for your time, words of encouragement and wisdom." ~Lia

"High energy, very positive, informative, GREAT!" ~Pat

 "Now I know why I was guided to this class. I was so inspired by you and felt blessed to be in the room with so many special people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~Lynn

 "I loved, loved, LOVED how your brought your vibrant personality along with a wealth of important information. Thank you!" ~Kathy

 "Wow! So much great insider information. Very valuable! Thanks for making it fun and easy to understand." 

"Excellent preparation and enthusiastic delivery. Truly enjoyed all the information. It has inspired me to move forward." ~Violette Raye

"Fun and informative! Thank you for coming and blessing my space with your wonderful energy."

"Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us--your dreams--your gifts and your light. I got so many beautiful insights regarding writing, purposeful living, healing and growing. Thanks!" ~Jen

 "Thank you, Deb for a highly motivated class. Your experience shared is valuable."

"Absolutely excellent, high energy, incredible content and guidance." ~Barb

"Deb, Thank you for paving the way for so many of us who are meant to follow in your efforts."

"Excellent captivating learning experience. You shared a wealth of information in a very precise way. Wonderful to connect with you!" ~Nancy